I'm Meghan

Whether it’s playing, coaching, officiating, or spectating, I love all forms of sports participation. Growing up, I played various sports: soccer, basketball, track, softball, and finally field hockey which became my passion and what I pursued in college as a student-athlete. After coaching collegiately, I entered the classroom as a middle school English teacher turned reading specialist and varsity and middle school coach. The lessons I continued to learn in the classroom and on the field inspired me to blend academics and athletics and pursue a new mission: teaching social issues through sports. 

I created these programs to help kids learn about their peers and walks of life they may never experience, to help coaches explain tough or sensitive subjects that schools may not cover, and ultimately to prepare the next generation to value integrity, equity, and accountability. Ultimately, I want people to know what’s it’s like in someone else’s cleats, turfs, or shoes because it’s not only how you play the game, but how you live your life. Look good, feel good, play good, but also make sure you “do good”. 


As a Black woman, I am often severely underrepresented within field hockey. I started my nonprofit, The So Sports Foundation, to fix inequalities within sports and promote participation for women of color. I hosted countless events offering free coaching and equipment, but participation waned. In the meantime, I wanted to educate my current athletes who were predominantly white since many had shared that they did not have close ties with peers outside of school and people outside of their race. My goal was to focus on issues like race, privilege, and equity- how to recognize them, address them, and overcome them while helping others harmed by these ideals. I especially wanted them to hear my viewpoint since most of them did not have a Black female coach-mentor.  What began as a means to cope with racial issues transformed into a passion project focused on helping as many athletes, coaches, and educators alike learn about topics that need to be addressed no avoided. 




The So Sports Foundation works to improve the visibility, affordability, and accessibility of sport for all athletes. Our current campaign is to improve these conditions in field hockey though we hope to improve sports for everyone. Golden Rule Sports ideals anchor our efforts by creating fun, competitive and arenas for everyone. Visit our page at www.sofieldhockey.org/sow.