Go for GOLD



The golden rule: simply put, treating others the way that you want to be treated is rooted in equity. Our programs seamlessly combine sports and social lessons. We help educators, coaches, and leaders of all backgrounds teach tough concepts and explain tender topics through gameplay. Reinforce themes with supplemental activities, handouts, and reflection journals. Built for all ages and skill levels, nurture sportsmanship and character while training the body. Golden Rule Sports fosters integrity, equity, and accountability to make you better on and off the field.

It's how you play the game

On the field sports lessons and off the field life lessons.


Exercising integrity before, during, and after play. Gameplay includes athletic skills and life lessons.


Mix competition and camaraderie. Teach athletes to value their teammates while competing.


Teach players to stand tall and always do what's right even if they stand alone.

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